Bridging the Gap between Hydrogen Suppliers and Fuel Users

Refuel, Store, Purify and Analyse.

NanoSUN responds to the hydrogen needs of fuel cell users by developing innovative products that refuel, store, purify and analyse hydrogen conveniently and economically,

Hydrogen fuel cells are a great way to generate pollution free electricity. No carbon dioxide, no noxious fumes, no noise. All they need is a low cost, freely available supply of hydrogen fuel. That's where NanoSUN comes in. By simplifying the supply, storage and conditioning of hydrogen, NanoSUN frees its customers to use the cheapest hydrogen available.

Meet the Team

Graham Hodgson

Managing Director

Noel Leeson

Noel Leeson

Executive Director

Joe Hobbs

Chief Technology Officer

Jennie Hodgson

Manager, Finance and

 Customer Support

Jishnu Bhattacharya

Project Engineer

Daniel Stanley

Project Engineer

Kevin McLoughlin

Controls Engineer

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