Hydrogen Vehicles

Driven by the twin goals of reducing carbon emissions and local air pollution, municipalities around the world are replacing vehicles with electric drive vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks and trains, all offer greater range and fast refuelling than battery equivalents. 

NanoSUN's goal is to enable rapid, low-cost deployment of the support infrastructure needed to accelerate adoption of hydrogen vehicles. Pioneer mobile HRS technology was validated by Shell, when NanoSUN was named winner of the New Energy Challenge 2019. 


NanoSUN Refueller Technology


NanoSUN’s innovative Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station offers the lowest cost path to delivery and dispensing of transportation grade fuel at point of use.


Based on industry standard transport modules and incorporating NanoSUN’s proprietary multi-stage cascade and hydrogen conditioning technologies, the Pioneer HRS is capable of refuelling vehicles at up to 350 bar.